How To Choose A Brush Cutter? – Buying Guide

Brush Cutter - How To Choose the Best One

Buying Guide of Brush Cutter

A brush cutter is a multipurpose device, generally used for cutting and trimming grass, crops, weeds, wood and other foliage. It is also known as Grass Cutter or Paddy Cutting/Harvesting Machine.

Easy To Use  

A brush cutter is a straightforward and convenient option for gardening or farming rather than a shovel, sickle, chopper or axe. It is attached to a rod, shaft or machine and is held at a minimum distance from the body, which makes it much safer for someone using this.

We’ve come across many incidents where a person using the above-mentioned tools has hurt themselves. Also, the installation process is effortless for someone to understand the way of the method of using it.

Brush Cutter Blades  

Non-TCT Blade –

Non-TCT blades are heavy duty and these are used for cutting paddy, weeds and crops.

TCT Blade-

These blades are used for cutting or chopping wood ranging up to 4 inches in diameter.

3 Teeth Blade –

3 Teeth Blades are beneficial for chopping off the grasses in the garden or fields.

Durable and Versatile  

A brush cutter is generally a dependable and durable device, as long as it received proper maintenance. The blades are made of heavy-duty metals, making them last longer. In some cases, one can use the same blade for several years.

Also, this device comes with different types of blades and attachments as per the requirements. So a machine or device which will help one cut, trim, and weed all at the same time.


A brush cutter helps users to reach areas where large machines can’t be used because of the design. So, before start buying, a few points always come to mind:

  • Purpose of Use
  • Budget
  • Quality Product


As already mentioned earlier, brush cutters are used for trimming the grasses in the lawn cutting/harvesting the crops in the fields to even chopping off wood blocks up to 4 inches in thickness. Brush cutters are run in 2 different variants – electric and petrol.

Electric Brush Cutter –

Electric brush cutters are generally used for cutting grass, crops, and paddy weeds on the fields in smaller areas, depending on the distance convenient for the electric wires. Being the engine runs on a high voltage the work done is clear and precise. If one is looking for an electric brushcutter for cutting the paddy and crops then he/she can choose a Makita UR3501 Electric Grass Trimmer.

Petrol Brush Cutter –

Areas that are dense or have hard soil, need a high-power engine to work efficiently. Petrol brush cutters are available with 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines. 2-stroke engines are very easier to maintain, engines are also small which makes this product lightweight, easy to operate and more balance. Fuel consumption of 2 stroke engines is high compared to 4 stroke engines. 4 stroke engines are heavier, more powerful, have high output capacity and run cooler with less fuel consumption and are significantly more costly than 2 stroke ones. Also, the petrol brush cutter comes in 2 different variants, Side-pack and Backpack.

Brush Cutter Attachments

Tiller/Weeder Attachment –

One can attach a tiller or weeder along with a brush cutter for tilling the soil.

Chainsaw Attachment –

A brush cutter can also be attached to a chainsaw for cutting wood. This device would be ideal for garden usage.

Trimmer Attachment –

For trimming lawns or leaves, a hedge trimmer attachment is very much useful. One can attach a trimmer with a brushcutter to fulfil the requirements.

Water Pump Attachment –

One can also attach a water pump with a brush cutter. This combo device can be useful for farming and gardening purposes.


This is the point which always comes into buyers’ minds when they planning to buy or purchase a brush cutter machine. Everyone wants to buy a product with minimum cost with also having maximum advantages.

At, one can get 2 stroke side-pack petrol grass cutter at just Rs. 5700 (INR) and 4 stroke side-pack petrol brush cutter at just Rs. 8300 (INR) with having free shipping charges across India. Not only that, one can get a variety of brushcutter machines at

Quality Products  

This is the main thing which every buyer is looking for in a product. As we all know, a quality product always lasts long, is powerful, and always has more output capacity. There has many quality brush cutters one can get from the market but the most popular and trusted brands are – Honda, Makita, Sthil, Husqvarna, Akari, GT Shakti, etc. Yantracart also deals in various brands such as Honda, Makita, Stihl, Husqvarna, Akari, GT Shakti, GRAI, and other Generic brands. We hope this buying guide for brush cutter machines will help you to select the right brushcutter as per your requirements.

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